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Caldera supports Alternative Data Availability (Alt-DA) via integrations with Celestia, Near, and Arbitrum Anytrust

Why Alternative DA?

In order to ensure invalid transactions processed can be caught and reverted on a rollup, users need a way to make sure that the rollup’s block data is actually published. Right now, the vast majority of Ethereum rollups solve this by simply posting all of the rollup blocks onto Ethereum and relying on it for data availability.

But, traditional Ethereum DA can lead to extremely high and volatile costs, as rollups are forced to compete for limited blockspace with all other dApps and users transacting on Ethereum. As a result, over 95% of the cost of a rollup transaction today comes from posting data to Ethereum.

How it Works

Check out our blog post for an in-depth explanation

Alternative DA systems use innovative approaches to separate out data availability from a chain’s settlement, dramatically lowering associated costs and increasing throughput to significantly improve rollups’ long-term scalability.

At the moment, we’re proud to offer Celestia and Near as our current Alt-DA solutions for all Caldera Chains (and plan to integrate with other Alt-DA providers in the future), leveraging their novel technologies to save significant costs for the chains in our ecosystem.

Celestia Diagram

Build with Alternative DA

We’re excited to work with teams exploring rollups with alternative data availability. If you’re interested, please get in touch!