For a closer look, check out Optimism’s Documentation

With Caldera, you can deploy dedicated rollups using the OP stack (Optimism Bedrock).

The OP stack is a battle-tested Optimistic Rollup stack. The OP stack powers Optimism Mainnet and Base, Coinbase’s recently-launched L2. Collectively, the OP stack secures over $3.5 Billion in TVL.


  • 10-100x cheaper transactions compared to Ethereum.
  • Ethereum equivalence, with full support for Ethereum smart contracts and developer tooling
  • Fast block times (2s per block)
  • Optional support for further cost reduction via Celestia DA
  • Extremely permissive (MIT) licensing
  • Ability to opt into the Superchain, Optimism’s future network of chains that share bridging, governance, and interoperability

The Superchain

For more info, view the Superchain explainer here

The Optimism Superchain is envisioned as a network of interconnected chains on the Optimism protocol, enhancing scalability and interoperability among Layer 2 blockchain networks. The Superchain aims to unify the Optimism Mainnet and other OP stack chains into a single connected network, facilitating shared features like bridging, decentralized governance, and a communication layer. This setup is designed to allow individual chains to operate cohesively, promoting seamless communication and transactions among them.

The Superchain design is still early. We recommend consulting Optimism’s documentation for the most up-to-date design.