Full Polygon CDK support is coming soon. If you’re interested in deploying a Polygon CDK chain with Caldera today, contact us!

With Caldera, you can soon deploy dedicated rollups using the Polygon CDK stack.

Polygon CDK is a leading Zero-Knowledge Rollup stack. Polygon CDK powers Polygon zkEVM, the flagship Polygon Zero-Knowledge chain. Polygon zkEVM secures over $22m in TVL across chains in production.


  • 10-100x cheaper transactions compared to Ethereum.
  • Ethereum compatibility, with full support for Ethereum smart contracts and developer tooling
  • Near-instant transaction finality and integrity
  • Native cross-rollup bridging developed through ZK-proofs
  • Support for further cost reduction via zkValidium or Celestia DA
  • Ability to choose your rollup’s native token


For more info, view Polygon’s zkValidium docs here

The zkValidium framework integrates a secure data availability layer managed by a Data Availability Committee (DAC). DACs are a crucial element in many blockchain protocols, tasked with ensuring the reliability and accessibility of off-chain data. In essence, they verify the availability of data associated with specific blockchain blocks.

In the context of L2 solutions, DACs play a pivotal role in enhancing scalability. They aid in transferring significant computational work and data storage off-chain, thereby alleviating the burden on the main L1 blockchain.

This setup allows for transaction data to be stored off-chain, reducing costs and enhancing privacy, while still being accessible for validation.

zkValidium Diagram