Full ZK Stack support is here! If you’re interested in deploying a ZK Stack hyperchain with Caldera today, contact us!

The ZK Stack is a modular, open-source framework designed to build custom ZK-powered hyperchains leveraging zkSync infrastructure.

At its core, the ZK Stack offers two key features: sovereignty and seamless connectivity. Each ZK Stack hyperchain operates completely independently, relying solely on Ethereum L1 for their liveness and security, while supporting a shared bridge to facilitate the interconnection of every hyperchain, thereby enabling trustless, fast (within minutes), and inexpensive (cost of a single transaction) interoperability.


  • Ultra-low gas fees compared to Ethereum.
  • Ethereum compatibility, with full support for Ethereum smart contracts and developer tooling
  • Native account abstraction
  • Native cross-chain composability via hyperbridges
  • Support for further cost reduction via alternative DA solutions
  • Ability to choose your rollup’s native token


For more info, view zkSync’s hyperchain docs here

Hyperchains are fractal-like instances of zkEVM running in parallel and with common settlement on the L1 mainnet. The name Hyperbridge comes from the traditional web, where users can navigate websites seamlessly using hyperlinks. Similarly, ZK Stack rollups are connected seamlessly via Hyperbridges.

Each Hyperchain is powered by the same zkEVM engine available on the ZK Stack (and currently powering the first hyperchain, zkSync Era). All the ZKP circuits thus remain 100% identical, allowing Hyperchains to fully inherit their security from the L1 regardless of deployer, which ensures zero additional trust/security assumptions.

Hyperchain Diagram