To get started with a testnet environment, head to our dashboard and follow these steps:

  1. Sign up or log in through the authorization page
  2. Click “Get Started” from the Manage Rollups page deployment page
  3. Select your rollup framework of choice (Arbitrum Nitro, Optimism Bedrock, zkSync’s ZK Stack, Polygon CDK), and then choose the Testnet network type on our Deploy New Rollup page newdeploy
  4. Select a native gas token and set relevant identifiers (Rollup Name, Subdomain, Chain ID)
  5. Click the “Deploy New Rollup” button to launch your testnet rollup!


  1. Book a demo to chat about your project’s needs and why you’re considering an app-rollup — we’ll brainstorm ways that we can help
  2. Caldera will launch a rollup for you with the framework of your choice (Arbitrum Nitro, Optimism Bedrock, ZK Stack), and the parameters of your choice, on the chain of your choice (Ethereum, Polygon, Cronos, Optimism, Arbitrum, etc.)
  3. Integrate your app with Caldera. Usually, it takes less than half an hour to port Ethereum apps to a Caldera chain. We’re happy to help with this!
  4. We’ll let you know when your production-grade Mainnet rollup goes live!