Multisig Ownership of Mainnet Rollup Contracts

Security is paramount when dealing with blockchain contracts, especially when customer funds are involved. At Caldera, we employ multi-signature (multisig) ownership for our mainnet rollup contracts.

This means that multiple signatures are required to authorize any significant actions, providing an additional layer of security. With multisig ownership, we ensure that customer funds remain protected, even in the unlikely event that our systems are compromised.

AWS and Kubernetes Infrastructure Audit by IOActive

Caldera’s cloud infrastructure setup was audited by IOActive, a leading cloud security company. This audit examined our cloud configurations, policies, and practices. When using Caldera, you have the peace of mind that your rollup’s underlying infrastructure has been approved by security experts.

Dual Authorization for Production Infrastructure Access

All Caldera production infrastructure is locked under a dual-authorization scheme. This process mandates that no single individual can access or modify the production environment without a second person from the company signing off on the action. This dual authorization ensures that there are checks and balances in place, significantly reducing the risk of unauthorized or malicious activity within our production infrastructure.